Thursday, March 13, 2008

Put Some Spring in Your Step!

By Courtney Westlake


This week marks the first official day of spring, bringing warmer weather that offers the perfect excuse to get active or to throw a little mix into your workout.

"The seasons are changing, the weather is getting nicer and it's the perfect opportunity to take your exercises outside or change up your routine altogether," said Amanda Jillson, assistant director of fitness and instructional programs for the TRAC.

Jillson encouraged anyone interested to meet with personal trainer at the TRAC who can help you mix up routine or move past a plateau in your workout routine.

And with the weather moving into the higher temperatures soon, there are many exercises you can now do outside in the fresh air.

"You can always go for walk or run," Jillson said. "Also try doing short bursts of energy like jumping jacks, squats or wall sits. Short bursts of energy with a nice walk helps you throw a little pep into it. Walk a little faster than the leisurely stroll and be sure to pump your arms."

The TRAC is also offering several new classes starting today, March 16. Group fitness classes that will be offered include BodyWorks, which is a sculpting class, Pilates, Kick Mix, yoga and more. To check out the group fitness schedule, click here.

The TRAC also has a brand-new class called P90X, or Power90Extreme. The TRAC is using the program from Beach Body Web site; the cost is $10 and you can register at the TRAC front desk or recreation office, Jillson said.

"This is for that person who needs new routine or workout," Jillson said. "We'll use dumbells and resistance bands. It's high-energy; it's a lifting class, but it's pretty intense."

Additionally, a 5K training class has just started, although the class is still accepting participants this week. With weather permitting, the class will often be held outside.

"We are going to start training for a 5K so if you're new to running or if you've always wanted to be a runner but don't know where to start, this is the perfect class to get you into a running routine," Jillson said.