Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Health Awareness Day

As part of National Public Health Week, UIS Recreational Sports has partnered with Campus Health Services to offer “Health Awareness Day”. Over 40 vendors will offer a variety of health screenings and information on April 4, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC).

Highlights of the event include a blood drive by the Central Illinois Community Blood Center, bone density and cholesterol testing, on site nutrition counseling, and body fat and BMI testing. Participants will also be able to get their blood pressure checked, height and weight measured, and much more.

Starting at 10 a.m., Recreational Sports will offer a variety of group exercise class demonstrations. Instructors will demo Yoga, Will Power & Grace, Group Cycling, and Interval Cross Training among others classes.

Kara McElwrath from UIS Information Technology Services will talk about “Health Related Apps” for your phone from Noon to 1 p.m. You can bring your own device to the session or simply come and learn more about what is available.

“There will be researched-based apps that we promote that allow you to look up a particular symptom or maybe a strategy you’re looking to try,” said McElwrath. “There will be apps that keep track of different body metrics, such as calorie counting.”

McElwrath will also showcase apps that use your phone’s GPS to track how many miles you have ran or walked. The majority of the apps will be free, but some range in price from $0.99 to $1.99.

“Health Awareness Day” is co-sponsored by the UIS Masters in Public Health Student Association, UIS Recreational Sports, and Springfield Health Check.



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