Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Disc Golf course on campus

It’s played on a course and you can still get a hole in one, but there’s no putting involved in Disc Golf.

“Disc Golf, it’s pretty simple. It’s a lot easier than playing regular golf,” said Matt Panich, TRAC assistant director for facility and member services.

Disc Golf involves throwing a Frisbee-like disc from a concrete tee at the start of the hole. The goal is to land the disc inside a metal basket at the end of each hole with as few throws as possible.

The UIS Disc Golf course just opened in August and features 9 holes that stretch around the north and west side of campus. The course starts outside of the UIS Bookstore and wraps around ending near the UIS Police Department. A course map is available on the REC Sports website.

“There’s a nice open field. Behind the police department we have one of the longest holes you’ll probably see in Disc Golf,” said Panich.

Panich says Disc Golf was brought to UIS by popular demand. A group of students approached Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Tim Barnett about the course. He supported the idea and helped make the course possible.

“I know I’ve been out here a few times when I’ve been at the REC Park fields and I’ve seen 3 or 4 people out each time playing. It’s good to see it’s getting use,” said Panich.

He says you can buy discs on your own to use on the course or rent them from TRAC. The facility has 3 or 4 sets that students can check out for up to 1 week. Students are required to bring their i-card in order to check out the discs.

For more information on Disc Golf visit the Rec Sports website.



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