Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Kettlebell class at TRAC

You may be asking, “What is a kettlebell?” To put it simply a Kettlebell is a cast iron weight, with a handle on it that is used during a workout. Kettlebell classes are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Rec Sports will be adding it to their group exercise schedule when students return from Spring Break.

“You can tell by looking at Kettlebells they are a little intimidating to look at, but once you get the form down and the technique down you’ll soon understand that kettlebells are a very effective and efficient workout,” said Trent Tangen, assistant director of Fitness and Wellness for Recreational Sports.

Kettlebells are fairly new to the United States, but actually have been around since the 1700s. The exercise tool became popular in Russia and was used primarily by the Russian military. Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes, but for the class at TRAC 15 to 35 pound kettlebells will be used.

“The idea of a kettlebell class is that you are using forceful controlled momentum, which will develop strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, core strength and flexibility,” said Tangen.

A kettlebell class involves a variety of functional training, which means you’ll be doing movements that incorporate multiple joints and muscle groups to do a particular movement. Some of the movements involved with kettlebell exercise include swings, high pulls, goblet squats, single arm squats, clean and presses, snatches, back lunges, rows, push presses, and many more.

Before you are allowed to take a kettlebell class at TRAC you will be required to take a 30-minute group orientation, where safety and proper form will be discussed. It’s also a chance to get your hands on a kettlebell and experience it before you take a 40-50 minute class. Look for kettlebell orientation dates and times to be posted on campus announcements, Rec Sports website, and Rec Sports Facebook account in the near future.

“Kettlebell classes are great for both males and females as well as beginners and advanced exercisers,” said Tangen.

As with all group exercise classes at TRAC, this class will be free and no registration is required. If you have hypertension you should consult your physician before starting a kettlebell program.



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