Monday, March 28, 2011

TRAC adding Latin Cardio Dance and Dance Fit classes

Do you like to dance? Rec Sports is adding Latin Cardio Dance and Dance Fit classes to help students, faculty and staff lose weight, build strength, gain flexibility and have fun while doing so!

“It’s easy to follow. You don’t have to have any kind of dance experience and the point is just to have fun, said Erin Lamboi, a group exercise instructor at TRAC. “It’s a good way to lose weight and you don’t even realize that you’re exercising.”

Lamboi recently joined the team at TRAC and will offer the classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Fridays at noon.

Latin Cardio Dance will include maranga, salsa, and reggaeton dance styles, which are appropriate for both males and females of all different ages. Lamboi will also teach Dance Fit, which is similar to Latin Cardio Dance.

“The only difference is going to be the genre of the music that we’re going to play for dance fit. It can range anywhere from hip-hop to country,” said Lamboi.

She says the 50-minute class also allows you to show individual expression by using different types of dance styles.

“The point of these classes is not to make you a professional dancer. The point is to just come out and have fun, become fit, get stronger, and become more coordinated,” said Lamboi.

People are often shy when the class starts, but that changes quickly.

“Every time you leave, you always want to come back. You don’t want it to be over,” she said.



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