Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New class offered for spring 2012

UIS Recreational Sports has changed its group exercise schedule for the spring semester of 2012 and added a new and exciting class to the lineup.

Group Exercise Instructor Bethany Tschaepe will be offering a barefoot cardiofusion workout class known as willPower & grace®. The class is being offered Wednesdays from 8 to 8:50 p.m.

“It’s an experience you have to have first hand. It has the benefits of a cardio sculpt class, so prepare to be sweaty and to do a lot of work,” said Tschaepe. “It has the intensity of a boot camp, so get ready to really work.”

The workout builds in the self-awareness of a yoga practice with the discipline of Pilates, which helps to create a well-balanced workout. The class starts with a foot warm-up, next comes a full-body warm-up, strength and flexibility exercises, along with a variety of drills.

Don’t worry about showing off your footwear in this class! Tschaepe says the class is strictly “no shoes, no socks allowed.”

“The reason we do that is that we want you to see your feet,” said Tschaepe. We walk around day-to-day with our feet in these little boxes, which protect our feet. It kind of makes them weaker.”

The workout helps to build strength back and helps participants get back in touch with their own feet.

Tschaepe will also be teaching yoga classes during the spring semester. For more information and a complete list of classes, visit the group exercise page.