Friday, February 10, 2012

Swing dance classes help maintain a physically active lifestyle

UIS Recreational Sports wants you to move to the groove! New swing dance classes taught by guest instructors Gene and Sharon Weiser will start on Tuesday, February 21 at 6 p.m. at TRAC.

“It’s important to maintain a physically active lifestyle,” said Trent Tangen, Rec Sports assistant director for fitness and wellness. “That’s just getting up out of the chair and doing something fun to keep yourself active.”

Swing dancing combines fun with exercise offering a beginner-level class that is taught in a lead and follow partner dance style. The classes will focus on east coast swing, also known as The Jitterbug. Participants will dance to fast music including rock n’ roll, 60s-90s hits, and current pop songs.

“The classes are meant to be very casual and very fun,” said Tangen. “You can come in your street clothes, but we’re going to ask everyone per TRAC policies bring a separate pair of shoes, just so we can keep the floors and equipment clean.”

The swing dance lessons are open to all UIS students, faculty and staff. Dancers are required to sign up with a partner of any sex. The cost is $10 for student rec members, $15 for non-student rec members and $20 for non-rec members.

For more information, email Trent Tangen at